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COffee With Lisa | Patricia Fripp Free Resources

'There is natural talent, but not overnight success.'

Better position you and your message in front of your audience for the best results. It's time to captivate your audience everyday. Get Patricia's cheat sheets: How to Create a Memorable Presentation and her Fripp Speech Model. 

Coffee With Lisa | Mel DePaoli Free Resources

'Numbers never lie, but they don't tell the whole story.'

The growth of your speaking career and business all starts with your ability to position yourself and your brand in front of a targeted audience. Get Mel's Social Media Strategy Infographic, The 5 W's To Your Success and How to Create Your Customer Avatar.

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Who are your followers really? eWorkBook | Lisa Patrick

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Now it's time to Convert your followers to customers!

Better position YOU by understanding and recognizing who follows you already!

  1. How to understand your followers wants and needs
  2. Understand how to position your expertise in a way that they'll recognize that they need you
  3. How to customize the right industry filters for your network databases

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