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'A Missed Opportunity is No Opportunity.'

- Lisa Patrick

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Join Lisa in the conversation with Global Kindness Expert, Gabriella van Rij. A renowned thought leader with a compelling personal story, Gabriella has brought kindness to the forefront at leading corporations, educational institutions, and the media.

An in-demand speaker, she has chosen to speak about social topics such as diversity, tolerance, workplace harassment, communication, bullying, and women’s empowerment. For those seeking to deepen their understanding of an issue, she offers follow up and executive coaching.

Gabriella's story has reached millions through appearances on Dr. Phil and other major network programs—and the Dare to Be Kind Movement isn’t slowing down any time soon.

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Join Lisa in the conversation with XTRAcredits Faculty and Sales Legend and Guru, Tom Hopkins. We are joined by Cynthia Barnes the founder of the National Association of Women Sales Professionals talking about why we need more women in sales.

Women are underrepresented in sales, even though they're remarkably capable salespeople.  While the sales industry has historically been male dominated, more and more women are joining their ranks.  Women represent approx. ( Linkedin report) 39% of the workforce in sales. This percentage has only increased by 3% over the past decade. Not surprisingly, the percentage decreases as seniority increases, with the lowest percentage of women represented in VP and CXO positions. Only 21% of Vice Presidents in Sales are female.

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Join Lisa in the conversation with XTRAcredits Faculty and Sherrie Wilkolaski is a leading expert in the independent publishing market, having consulted with more than 15,000 authors throughout her career as the Publishing Architect™.

A bestselling author, radio talk show host and content strategist, she has studied at the Yale Professional Publishing program and M.P.S. in Professional Publishing at George Washington University.

She brings to the writer’s table an effective fusion of marketing proficiency, best-selling accolades and a background in journalism. Her international public speaking credentials and technology acumen provide independent authors and traditional publishers a multifaceted strategy to achieving success.

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Join Lisa in the conversation with 'The Transformer' Kurek Ashley. Kurek is an internationally renowned speaker, author and coach in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth, and is recognised as a premier expert in personal and professional development, self-discovery and peak performance. Joined by his wife, Erin who is a premier Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation Teacher 

Kurek, Erin and Lisa discuss how to break through the limitations that have been holding you back in life, and get clear on your goals and purpose moving forward. How to Find your Fire.

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Lisa Patrick - Host Coffee With Lisa


Known as Continuing Education Program Catalyst and Successful Entrepreneur, Lisa's contagious personality and zest for life has resonated with business audiences from her first successful private investigation business through her work today.

"My goal is to help others achieve their goals and dreams. As I share my journey of reaching my full potential and abilities."

Only I know my true potential and whether I’m living up to it; no one else can judge my success and nobody can judge your potential or your level of success but you! 

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Successful entrepreneur Lisa Patrick brings her unique brand of contagious enthusiasm to daytime Facebook. With a dazzling array of world leading business expert interviews, an eclectic mix of XTRAordinary and ordinary people with extraordinary stories and talents, "Coffee With Lisa Show" creates a fun and unpredictable alternative in Facebook Live and takes a fresh look at the business world according to Lisa.