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How to Instantly Read People and Be A Whopping Success

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Dr. Tony Alessandra Instantly Read People

Everything worthwhile takes time, energy and massive commitment. Your relationships, health and, especially, the growth of your career. Building a small business, designing a winning product, rolling out an effective growth plan, getting that next job promotion — it all requires significantly more time and effort than most people imagine. But sometimes no matter how hard or long you’ve […]


Dr. Angela Ramsay in The XTRAcredits Spotlight

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Dr. Angela Ramsay  is the President of FIPA.  FIPA while maintaining a non-partisan, non-advocacy stance, acts as a key catalyst for positive change and prosperity in the Caribbean region. The attainment of meaningful goals in the area of public affairs is largely contingent on the quality of leadership and governance. Therefore, enabling improved leadership capabilities is the […]