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3 Most Effective Ways to Put a Potential Client at Ease

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Tom Hopkins | XTRAcredits | Sales | Putting Clients at Ease

To grow a successful business, it’s important to learn to put a potential client at ease. I’ve seen some salespeople in financial services so intent on controlling the sales process that they act like demanding choreographers training young dancers for a Broadway show. “Five-Six-Seven-Eight! Dance-Dance-Dance!!!” Dancers, military recruits, and members of the high school marching […]


8 Ways to Be Memorable at a Networking Event

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Patricia Fripp| 8 Ways to Be Memorable at a Networking Event

There is no point going anywhere if people don’t remember you were there! Networking is an important part of building your business and developing good social contacts. However, if you go to business events and no one remembers you afterward, what was the point in attending? Such contacts only work if you make yourself memorable. […]