How to Succeed At Managing Your Time Effectively

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Managing Your Time Effectively | Dr. Tony Alessandra | Online Courses for Continuing Education Credit

Succeeding at Managing Your Time Effectively takes work. Time is nature’s greatest “force.” Nothing can stop it; nothing can alter it. Unlike the wind, it cannot be felt. Unlike the sun, it cannot be seen. Yet, of all nature’s forces, time has the most profound effect on us. Time remains constant, but our perception of […]


3 Ways to Breakthrough the Crisis of Change.

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Cy Wakeman Crisis of Change | Reality-Based Leadership

When change comes our way, we immediately feel threatened. The next thing we know, we are going through three predictable stages in order to cope with the unexpected news at hand: Stage 1: Surprise – How can this be happening? Why Me? Stage 2: Panic – How does this affect me? Am I competent? Stage […]

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Top Leadership Expert Cy Wakeman Joins the XTRAcredits Faculty

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CY WAKEMAN, receipient of the World HR Congress Leadership Excellence Award for her innovative thought leading contributions to the HR community has joined the XTRAcredits faculty to offer her award wining online courses for Human Resource Professionals to earn their continuing professional development credits. Cy is a dynamic, global keynote speaker and New York Times best-selling author, who has […]